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2012-02-02 18:01:51 by kohikaitia

I just woke up from a dream where pandas were people and i was a pet and they kept trying to feed me canned food that smelt horrid and was stale! and they had this stupid kid that kept trying to ride me it was horrible!!!!



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2012-02-02 21:05:03

you have weird dreams o.O
but anyways, my friend once told me about he's weirdo dream:
In that dream he was riding on a huge sandwitch down a slide xD

kohikaitia responds:

did he et it after he got off?? what kind was it O_o??


2012-02-04 02:00:23

I never have random dreams. Sometimes they're gross and weird but never random. Random dreams mean you're more creative I think. Or you watch too much retarded shit online.

kohikaitia responds:

uh...I think its the retarded shit I watch online cause i'm not much for creativity ^_~